About Us

Leonard Cheshire Nagapattinam Project (LCPN) is asocial organization aim to empower the person with disability in the state of Tamil Nadu and elsewhere. We are duly registered under Society act as well as got exempted under Income tax Act of India.


Create opportunities for people with disabilities in various spheres of life to enable them to access their rights and entitlements and in turn attain equal and respectable position in the society.


  • To enhance the level of awareness, Knowledge, skills through the provision of appropriate and updated information in most accessible formats.
  • To enhance the functional abilities through the provision of Comprehensive rehabilitation services.
  • To improve access of disable people to education, livelihoods, participation and representation in decision making forums through skill, leadership and knowledge development.
  • To forge strong linkages with state, civil society agencies and private sector in order to achieve convergence and maximum the impact on the lives of people with disabilities.
  • To enhance the collective bargaining power of disable people through formation and strengthening of groups and federations of disable people for effective advocacy and lobbying with various sectors.

Our strategies:

  1. Education.

Inclusive Education as a concept means that children with disability spend most or all their time with non-disabled children in mainstream educational environment. The project works with the schools to adapt systems and capacitate the educational authorities and students in a way that both disabled and non disabled children learn together.

  1. Health and Rehabilitation.

Unemployment rate among people with disabilities is as high as 80% putting them among the poorest 15-20% of the population. People with disabilities have higher rates of unemployment than non- disabled people. The project strives to promote economic empowerment for people with disabilities and their family members. The aim is to make them economically independent permanently. The different strategies adopted include career guidance, vocational training, job placement, support for self employment, micro finance initiatives and accessing various loans and entitlements.

Our journey:

When Indian Ocean tsunami hit east coast of Tamil Nadu in December 2004 the district of Nagapattinam was worse affected. It not only destroyed the properties, livelihood of the people, it caused many people physically disabled. Hence Lenord Cheshire Disability (LCD UK) through its South Asian Regional Office responded through relief and rehabilitation project. In 2006 the Lenord Cheshire Project Nagapattinam registered under society act as independent organization. Since then LCPN is actively working for the person with disability in 10 districts of Tamil Nadu and Union Territory of Pudhucherri. So far we havereached out more than 40000 PWDs.